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Be Safe with 6 foot X 6 foot Social Distancing Throw
Easy to carry anywhere in reusable drawstring bag.

6ft x 6ft Personal Microfiber Throw

100% Prewashed soft microfiber (including antimicrobial treatment applied to fabric). Machine washable after uses.

Great to Carry for

Weighs Less than 1LB  Less than a large coffee!!

Reusable drawstring bag to easily pack with you.

6 Foot Social
Distance Space

Spread Love with Personal Protection Throw

Easy to carry or pack for trip in reusable drawstring bag

Weighs less than a
Large Coffee

Antimicrobial Microfiber Throw

Our super soft prewashed antimicrobial microfiber throw is your perfect protection. 6 foot X 6 foot social distancing personal throw comes in reusable drawstring bag to pack easily anywhere you go .

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